Cedar Wood


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Discover the new styling on this big, handsome, powerfully built writing instrument. The mechanism is a twist and the refill is accessible by pulling the pen apart and then unscrewing the transmission. This pen is bold, practical, an excellent writer, and makes a strong statement. The body of the pen has been made out of cedar. The wood is cut into a 1x1x6″ blank and then placed in a vacuum chamber with cactus juice stabilizer for apx. 2 hours. The blank is then placed into an oven overnight to ensure thorough curing before being cut to size, drilled, and then hand turned on a lathe before being finely sanded and finished to 12,000 grit. The blank is then coated with 7 layers of CA glue before being polished to a high shine. The refill is a rollerball. The nib, collar, and clip are Rose Gold with black accents. This pen is a perennial favorite and is known as Big Ben.